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Radiology Imaging Experts

Tower Saint John’s Imaging provides a full spectrum of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology procedures in a comfortable, convenient and patient-friendly outpatient imaging center.

The imaging center is a beautifully appointed, two-story facility with patient greeters and registration on the lower and upper floors with a patient elevator to easily access the upper level.

Once inside, our staff will work with you to prepare you for your exam, process your insurance information, answer any questions you may have and complete your exam as quickly as possible. Patients who do not require any special preparation for their exam may enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in our spacious waiting areas while they are waiting.

If you are scheduled for an MRI, or Breast MRI appointment, you will remain on the lower level. If you are scheduled for an Ultrasound, CT, PET/CT, X-ray or Fluoroscopy exam, you will go to the upper level to check-in for your exam.

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Tower Saint John's Imaging is an ACR accredited facility. Call 310.264.9000 or Click to schedule appointment.SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT