Improved Diagnostic Confidence Now Available at Tower Saint John’s Imaging with the Discovery MI DR PET/CT

This innovative PET/CT imaging system from GE Healthcare may help you increase your diagnostic confidence and enhance the care of your patients. The Discovery MI DR PET/CT uses advanced detector technology and compared to previous scanners, can deliver:

  • High PET sensitivity and count rate performance to image all tracers *2 mm resolution over the entire FOV with SharpIR
  • Up to 82 percent reduction in CT dose with ASiR, at the same image quality
  • Up to 2X improvement in quantitative accuracy (SUVmean) and image quality (SNR) with Q.Clear
  • Platform compatible with advanced digital solutions designed to connect machines, people and data through a portfolio of healthcare analytics applications.

The Discovery™ MI DR PET/CT imaging system from GE Healthcare uses revolutionary LightBurst detector technology to improve scanning speed and diagnostic accuracy.

In addition to faster scanning times, this scanner will allow lower radiation dosing with new state-of-the-art LYSO detectors. Discovery MI DR was created to help clinicians diagnose and stage disease earlier and better guide treatment strategies while enabling more compelling research with more novel, faster decaying tracers. This system also features the latest diagnostic CT innovations to provide a “one-stop-shop” diagnostic experience.

With the Discovery MI DR system, we continue to raise the level of excellence in healthcare in our area. We are proud to be on the leading edge of advancing the quality of cancer and cardiac care for our local, regional and international patients.

See how this remarkably advanced PET/CT system can help make a difference in patient care by calling us at 310.264.9000 and requesting more info!

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