The Power of Combining ABUS and Tomosynthesis to Find Small Cancers

40% of women have dense breast tissue and for these women, mammography screenings alone may not be enough to find breast cancer. Both cancer and dense tissue appear white on a mammogram, enabling cancer to hide.

Speaking on the benefits of utilizing Automated Breast Ultrasound to help detect cancer in dense breasts, Tower Imaging Medical Group’s Dr. Daniel Kirsch was quoted as saying, “We implement ABUS because it offers a true advance in screening ultrasound evaluation of the breast.”

Dr. Kirsch further elaborated by stating, “Studies have shown that tomosynthesis can improve cancer detection, and decrease recall rates or false positives. With the ability to see through overlapping tissue, tomosynthesis also provides improved localization and characterization of masses,” said Arnold Honick, MD, Radiologist, RCI, PLC, Radiology Consultants of Iowa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “However, tomosynthesis is still X-ray based and sensitivity is reduced in women with extremely dense breasts, which means that some masses will still be masked and likely not detected. This is where ABUS, utilizing a different imaging technology, is complementary to mammography and can improve overall screen-detected breast cancer.”

To view more information about Automated Breast Ultrasound, and read more about Dr. Kirsch’s statement of benefits, view the full article on Aunt Minnie’s site here:

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